Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Adventures of Gomer and Gomer Jr!

Recently, my dad came down to Australia to experience some of the greater things that Sydney had to offer. He was here for about a week if you eliminate travel time and we were able to get a lot done despite some bad weather on a couple of his days here.

One of the first things that we did after he became acclimated to the time change was go down into the city. In my opinion, seeing the Harbor Bridge and the Opera House are the best way to shock you into knowing that you are really in Sydney, Australia. As you can see from the picture, it was a really nice day, and that is the way the weather stayed for most of his trip here. After observing the Opera House and reading up on the architecture, we continued to the Opera House bar and had an Australian cider then walked around town and went into the Sky Tower. Since the weather was so nice, the clarity was amazing and you could really see all around the city. For the rest of the day, we sorta just moseyed around and I took some of the following pictures:

Occupy Wall Street: Sydney version. Needless to say, Gomer Sr. was scoffing at all of these people :-)
The police force present to contain OWS: Sydney
Awesome old Rolls Royce that was driving around town for a HUGE wedding
Grill of a champion

This is an elderly Asian lady walking that little
girl with a leash. I choose to keep my comments in
my head. 
One of the days following the walk around downtown, we returned back to the city and went to my personal favorite: the aquarium. Despite it being slightly crowded, it was just as awesome the third time as it was the first time and I even picked up a special something for Lauren! My dad enjoyed it too as Im sure it is the only time that we will probably see some of those fish in real life!

Blue Ringed Octopus. Very deadly despite the small size

Upside down jellyfish. 

OMFG! Its Nemo! But seriously, its interesting because
on my first trip to the aquarium, these clown fish we teeny, but now
they are grown up on my third trip! I feel like a proud father

Really good picture of Ellen Degeneres

On the last full day that I spent with my Dad, we did part of the coastal walk from Coogee to Bondi. I was able to discover where my child-like love for climbing on rocks comes from seeing as my dad enjoyed it just as much as I did. We spent quite a while walking around the cliffs looking for wildlife, mainly crabs, and talking. It is certainly a memory with my dad that I will never forget!

Finally, and probably most excitingly, my dad and I climbed the Harbor Bridge which was an awesome experience. We had an absolute perfect day to do it and managed to capture some great pictures. The Bridge itself is an engineering and architectural marvel, and climbing it was surprisingly fairly easy. But I guess it should have been easy for two studs like us. Regardless there were some moments that took my breath away: mainly when we were walking about 52 meters above the street below and you could see through the skinny steel floor to the street below (I very quickly remembered that I bungee jumped from 47 meters and did not remember it being quite so high...). In addition, getting to the top of the bridge was memorable because of its combination of amazing views in the open air and the incredible wind force. Here are the pictures that we chose of the experience:

In front of the skyline
Long story here about finger signs, trust me if you know it you will laugh. If you
dont know it, then take notice of my father's you see why we call him
Gomer from time to time
Classic picture in front of the Opera House
Well there you have it! The main events in the adventure of Gomer and Gomer Jr. while in Sydney, Australia!

Just a reminder that I have posted a ton of new pictures on my Facebook. Additionally, I think I will probably do one more Australia blog before I leave on the 19th and it will be about my Halloween cruise. Keep an eye out for it!

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