Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dr. Green Thumb

It's really no surprise that I love to be in the garden! I mean whenever my parents ask for help with yardwork whenever I am home, I immediately jump on the opportunity to help them! In fact, sometimes I even initiate the yardwork. Here is an example of how much I love the garden:

ME: "Dearest father, may I please move some mulch around in the back yard so that the rose beds may have better water distribution? And then once I am done with that, I would really enjoy to move some rock for several hours in order to do absolutely nothing for the plants in the rockbed!"

DAD: "Sure son. But make sure that you angle each rock so that the sun reflects inwards off of it towards the plant around it. That way the plant gets more absorption. Also, your mother heard on Oprah that if the mulch is transplanted every 4 weeks then it increases the life of your roses. It has been 4 weeks so if you could do that?"

ME: "Oh gee Dad! Could I ever! I just LOVE yardwork! Ill be outside all day for the next few weeks if you need me!"

*/End sarcasm

Haha well that was fun to write. Im kinda laughing in the library about it. But anyways, while I may not appreciate yardwork the same way my parents do, I do appreciate the results. And I have taken numerous pictures around Australia of the awesome plant life. There won't be too many more words in this blog, but enjoy the pictures below. Feel free to save them to your own computer, some of them are really good! Once again, all are from my iPhone!

Some pretty amazing plants I would say! I hope that this blog made your day just that much more peaceful!

Talk to you all again soon!

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