Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Zoo With a View

So Im sure that many of you are wondering...Jordan, we know that you are seeing movies, but what else are you doing in Australia? Its true, I have been slacking in that area. So over the next few weeks as school winds down I will bring everyone up to date. Starting with:

The Taronga Zoo is located across the Harbor from the city, so we had to take a ferry in order to get there. Clearly, it has one of the most unique views in the world. But before I get to that, check out some of these pictures I took of the way there:

"The sun did not know its own beauty until it shone down on this building"
After a gorgeous and relaxing ferry trip over on a stellar day, we entered the Taronga Zoo which was easily the best zoo I have ever been to (sorry Denver Zoo, the only thing you do better is Zoo Lights). It was well organized and very big, featuring multiple categories of animals. Including reptiles. Which if you know me, you know that I love my snakes and stuff, so I got a ton of pictures of the slithery and the scaly...sorry Clark.

Komodo Dragon

North American Rattlesnake. Notice the staring eyes on the right

Some turtles with some really cool triangular shells

A huge @$$ Anaconda. Kinda terrifying

Death Adder. Notice the cool movement patterns beneath it.

I know looking through those pictures had to be hard for some of you (Mom) but the rest of the pictures are of nice fluffy, cute animals. Except this one:

I was almost afraid to be on the other side of the glass across from this guy.
The. World's. Most. Venomous. Snake.
Well that was it for the reptiles so now I figure the easiest thing for me to do is post the rest of the pictures and I'll put a caption if I remember what animal it is. Enjoy:

Red Panda. Really freaking cute

These are really large pigs. (Clearly they are elephants)

Another great shot of the view...more to come

Giraffes I believe. Im not entirely sure, but thats what Wikipedia told me

A Koala. One day, I will own one of these along with an IMAX theater. And Blake Lively being my wife. I set my goals high people.

The "playing grounds" for the ape population at the zoo. It looked so much fun. So what does that say about me?


Oh hello Mr. Elephant!

A freaking beast of a Gorilla

Grizzly Bear


Nala is not happy with me at the moment. I changed my pants after taking this picture pretty
Snow Leopard

A bunch of Timons! Or without The Lion King reference: meerkats

You know how I said that was it for the creepy pictures? I lied.
Introducing the world's most venomous spider: the funnel spider

A real life mermaid! Or a seal. Your choice really.
So there you have it! The Taronga Zoo! I saw some animals there that I will probably never see again in my life so it was a very rewarding experience, much like the Sydney Aquarium. I will put the remaining pictures of the zoo, including a video of a VERY smart elephant up on Facebook within the next few days so keep an eye out for that. I'll leave you with some awesome shots of the view from the zoo! See you again soon!