Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Day at the Beach? No. A Day at the Cliffs!

On one of my first days here, Ian and I decided to trek down to Coogee Beach and take the scenic walk to Bondi Beach. We never made it all the way to Bondi, it was a lot further away than we thought, but regardless it was an amazing experience on a bright, sunny day.

I was impressed by just how high the waves were getting, and the transition from the smooth beach sand to rocky cliffs. It provided for some really cool photo opportunities with splashing foam and clear skies. Walking down from Randwick (where I live) to Coogee Beach was interesting because there were a lot more shops the closer we got to the ocean, and the final road down to the beach, Coogee Bay Road, is lined with restaurants, beach shops, and bars. The beach was pretty standard, but that didn't make it any less impressive. There were people laying out in the sun, surfing, body boarding, etc. Making our way along the beach we came to a cliff that had a staircase down near the water so naturally, being a guy, I climbed down onto the rocks to take a picture and had a GREAT time climbing on rocks under the cliffs. Trust me, it was not as dangerous as it sounds, but you'd be amazed just how much exploring around on rocks can make you feel like a little kid again!

And then I saw this sign:
So naturally I did this:

And specifically for my mother's enjoyment ;-) I videotaped this:

Well, sorry there wasn't much beach in there, but the cliffs were way cooler. Not to mention, once the weather gets nicer Ill be at the beach a lot! Talk to everyone again soon, I still have a lot to blog about! Oh, and just a reminder, go check Facebook for some additional videos and pics that you wont find in this blog! G'Day!

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