Monday, July 25, 2011


Hey everybody! I have been literally dying to write in my blog the last few weeks and upload pictures and videos to Facebook because I HAVE SO MUCH TO SHARE. Over the next few days/week I will updating this blog numerous times in order to catch up so get excited!

First off, the reason I have not been able to update much lately: my computer, which has worked pretty much perfectly for 3 years, decided to crap out the third day I was here, and lets just say that it was a long process (with many curse words thrown in there) to get it back to the states. Currently it is under repair and I am using a really nice replacement laptop. It was/is an unfortunate situation, but you know what? Everything happens for a reason so maybe I just needed a little stress to realize how lucky I am to be in Australia.

Anyways, on to the important stuff:

The picture above was taken by yours truly (on an iPhone too!). Im not too sure it needs much explaining as this is one of the most famous groups of structures in the entire world. My second day here, Ian (in red on the right), Soren (standing in the grey), and myself figured we would do what was the first thing on our minds: downtown Sydney. So far we have been back there several times. Honestly the most surreal part of my entire experience so far was sitting on the curved bar you can see above, soaking in all of the sights of this iconic area, with two people I had met just the day before, drinking an Australian beer. It is a memory that is instantly burned into my subconscious and will never be forgotten. 

In addition to the Opera House and Bridge (with many additional pictures of them on Facebook) there are several other sights in Sydney. For starters, the architecture is simply astounding. It seems that every building is competing with the building next to it for a more impressive and modern look. Then there is the Sydney SkyTower:

And the Cathedral (not sure of the official name) with fountain:

And as if the architecture wasn't enough to blow my mind, just imagine what happened when I saw this in a local gifts store: 
Yes, thats right ladies and gentlemen: Nebraska's fan legacy reaches all the way to Sydney, Australia. If that doesn't make some of you guy's days (particularly my dad and Uncle Jon) I dont know what will. 

But Im about to get kicked out of the library (I use their internet teehee) so I've got to wrap it up. Like I said earlier, check out Facebook as I will be uploading pictures and videos all week, and for my blog followers you can look forward to a day at the beach, cruising the Harbour, parties, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II review, revisiting Sydney, the world's biggest IMAX screen, and a rugby game where I went streaking and got laid out (just kidding but I really did go to a rugby game). 

Oh and to my mother, who somehow knew that Hurricane Australia was incoming and MADE me go buy a windbreaker, it literally saved my life and kept me a lot more dry than I would have been, so thank you! And I have to post one final picture of something that she probably wont believe:

That would be a meal that your SON prepared ON HIS OWN. It consists of roasted kangaroo that was roasted with potatoes and onions, creamed spinach, garlic bread, and a glass of wine. I had a lot of time on my hands that Sunday... 


  1. What is HP sauce? Roasted kangaroo? What's it taste like? The Cornhusker stuff in Aussie land?! What a hoot? I will be calling Jon tonight! Mom thinks she needs a Husker item from Sydney! I am trying to tell her that it's the same stuff we can get in Lincoln and then you would have the hassle of lugging it back here.

  2. HP is their A1, but no where near as good. Trust me I have already started a list of food I will be consuming when I get back to the States. Kangaroo is a really rich meat, similar to crab. But other than a rich flavor it is just like steak I guess.