Friday, July 8, 2011

Seat 46H: The Journey to a New Life

It's hard to leave a face like this


but whether Kolby likes it or not, I have now arrived in Australia. I got in yesterday around 6am and lets just say it was an extremely long day. TONS of walking and getting lost. But I always knew the first day would be the hardest. The hardest part was probably just realizing there was a lot of stuff that I wont be able to do for 5 months: play with Kolby and Katy, $4 movies with Pierce, ULofts parties, videogames, dinner with the parents, holding Lauren, stuff like that that you wouldn't expect to miss until you can't do them anymore. But then I realized there are just as many things that I get to do here that I cant do back home, and my time here doesn't seem as daunting.

The flight here was fair. My seat was right by the kitchen so the light was on the entire time and the stewards and stewardesses were talking the entire time, but it really wasn't too bad. The food was good, and customs went smoothly and (thank God my dream didn't come true!) both of my bags arrived.

The school has a really nice campus and some really interesting architecture. DU could take a lesson or two regarding pretty buildings THAT DON'T HAVE COPPER. The Study Abroad people have been very helpful so far, and the Aussie girl who got all my paperwork situated was very cute. Going off on a sidenote...the Aussie women are very interesting. They are either stunningly beautiful or straight up GOO! I have seen some movie star-esque women here, but on the other hand, I saw a lady with a full beard this morning. One thing they do share in common however is their perfume. In my opinion, it smells similar to something that Grandmas would wear in the U.S. and the smell lingers in the air far after they have walked past. Oh well I guess...I will just have to fight their perfume with the power of Armani Code: the code of seduction.

Vegemite and butter toast and a Chai Latte
A few of my roommates have arrived and so far they are really cool. Everyone is very friendly because we are all new to this, but they seem like good guys despite the fact of being in a new country. This morning Ian and I ate at a small cafe before getting groceries and it was incredible. The food here is very tasty, but more than that, its as if there is care put into each meal. Its as if every meal has the quality of Chipotle. The grocery store was interesting...the prices for some stuff was fine, but other stuff was ridiculously priced. Luckily fruits and veggies are cheap compared to the U.S. so I will be eating healthy during my time here. Ultimately, U.S. grocery stores are far better stocked, organized, and run.

Well that's all for now! Have a great weekend everybody!

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