Monday, July 4, 2011

Getting Ready to Go!

G`day Everybody!

Today is one of my last days in the good ol` U.S. of A and its fitting that it is the 4th of July. I've still got some packing to do (in other words, all of my packing to do) and some errands to run, but I wanted to get this blog set up before I left. So here we go!

I leave from D.I.A. at 6:52pm on July 6th (Wednesday) and arrive in San Francisco at 8:31pm. This is then followed by a two hour-ish layover and I leave San Francisco at 10:50pm and arrive in Sydney, Australia at 6:25am on July 8th (Friday).

Its crazy to think that this day is almost here...I have been preparing for it for a solid three years now. The reason I chose DU was for their outstanding Study Abroad program, and it is nice to realize that finally, all of my hard work is paying off. I know that this next 5 months will literally be the time of my life, and I intend to soak up every second of it. I'm not quite sure what my experience will be like, or what will happen down there (fingers crossed to become a movie star and find some attractive Aussie gal), but I am sure that I will remember it for the rest of my life!

Unfortunately, the technical term is STUDY Abroad, so there will be some school work involved, which I guess is ultimately a good thing so I can have some structure and routine while I am down there. The classes I will be taking are:

Advanced Thermofluids: the only engineering class I must complete while I am abroad, I'm hoping that it doesn't run my life!

Australian Legends: this should be an interesting class about the history of specific individuals important to the country.

Business, Ethics, and the Law: supposedly a pretty typical study abroad class. Hopefully an easy, yet insightful class.

Marine Environment: the class I am easily the most excited for. Class time includes trips to the beach and anything and everything marine related. Do I know anything about the marine environment? Absolutely not! But any class based around field trips is O.K. with me!
Hopefully within the first few days I can post my schedule of classes. I know for a fact that I FINALLY get to join the No-Class-On-Friday club, a club that engineers are excluded from at DU because our professors love/hate us that much.

Well that is all for my first post! Please follow my blogs through email or Facebook or both if you would like to keep up with me and my adventures in the land down unda!

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