Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Introducing: My Future Profession

So after the zoo farm, we drove about an hour or so more into Hunter Valley and thus that leads us to


It is here that I discovered my new dream job. In combination with testing exotic cars, reviewing movies and videogames, and male modeling; I have decided that fine wine and cheese tasting is going to have to make me money some day. Im thinking my own TV show would be appropriate? How would you like this guy as your host:

Quite dashing if I do say so myself. But in all seriousness, it was really fun to taste a bunch of different wines and compare which ones tasted better and why they did. I was personally not a big fan of white wines or dessert wines, but after tasting some award-winning options spanning over three different vineyards, I definitely am now. And nearly all of the red wines were oh-so-good. And then there was the cheese...it was so good. My favorite was probably some brie that I tried that literally melted in my mouth, but I also tried some others, including a distinctly, earthy, ash-covered cheese. It was an intriguing combination, but the ash gave it a from-the-ground taste which was better than it sounds.

Along with wine and cheese tasting, we also got to witness some gorgeous country side, which, living in Sydney, we dont get to see too often.

Not my shoe

After we finished wine tasting and were served wine on the bus ride, we took a short drive to a pub in the middle of Hunter Valley. Now for those of you keeping track and wondering at home: yes I was tipsy by this point. Regardless, we went to the pub and had some famous "Jungle Juice". Luckily, this was not anything like American Jungle Juice which consists of Everclear, Kool-aid, vodka-soaked fruit, lost dignities, and/or terrible hangovers (not speaking from experience). This Jungle Juice was more of a port wine with some strong fruit juice flavors. Very tasty. And since our tour guide loved our group so much, he took shots of it with us!

Happy tour guide on left, random guy, Rachel, myself, Soren
Well thats all for Hunter Valley! Hope you enjoyed getting to know some cute animals and familiarizing yourself with one of my future professions! Cheers!

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