Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Softest Thing You've Never Touched

I've decided to split up my Hunter Valley wine tasting trip into two different posts. The first one (aka this one) is about the zoo farm we went to during the morning and the second one (aka not this one) will be about the actual wine tasting! 

So.........wanna see something cute?

BOOM! If that doesn't blow your cuteness scale off the chart then I dont know what will. Koalas were the very first thing that I went to at the zoo farm seeing as how they are pretty much the softest creature known to mankind and easily one of my favorite animals. If I ever get really really rich I have decided that, along with the IMAX theater in my house, I want to own some Koala bears. Their ability to snuggle is legendary and their fur is probably made up of pure sunlight/perfection. I felt honored to take a picture with this little guy:

Also quite high on the cuteness scale are baby kangaroos, which I also got to pet...once I coerced him with food. In the end, I think my scratches behind his ears made him realize that the process of being coaxed over was well worth it. 

In contrast to the shy kangaroos, the emus were intense. They would eat the food we had for them and once it was all gone they would look at you like, "Where the hell is more food?" It was hilarious. So to counter their anger, we gave them a whole bag of feed. Enjoy this hilarious video:

And finally, an animal which rates extremely high on the cuteness scale:

Gotcha! But seriously this guy was huge! He looks very friendly and inviting! 

Well thats it for Hunter Valley Part I. Look for Part II very soon.

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