Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rath's Reviews: Green Lantern

Critics suck. They always have, and they always will. When I see a movie, it needs to do one thing and one thing only: entertain me. If it doesnt do that, or if it doesnt do that well then I am not a fan of it. Many critics these days have forgotten this and tend to complain about the same thing every time. For example, Roger Ebert (who I generally agree with) is an old crotchety man when it comes to 3D. Literally the best movie in the world could be presented in 3D and he will mark it down for the "dim 3D lighting effect". Its pretty annoying. Same goes for Peter Travers who reviews for the Rolling Stone. The man has a vendetta against Michael Bay and even goes as far to criticize the man in reviews of movies that he has nothing to do with. Granted Michael Bay isnt the best movie maker in the world (Uwe Boll anyone?), but come on...Transformers 1 was entertaining. Bad Boys 2 was entertaining. I personally liked Pearl Harbor and Dark of the Moon. Yeah they arent going to win any awards, but did you expect them to in the first place? Thats like thinking that Black Swan was going to win best special just doesnt work that way. Movies can be entertaining for several reasons. Performances (The Dark Knight's Joker), effects (Avatar), scenarios (Superbad), etc. Not every movie has all these qualities, so why judge every movie as if they have to?

Now that I have had my tangent, I return to my first statement. Critics suck. Green Lantern has been blasted by critics as having a poor plot, weak characters, etc. It has been criticized by fanboys as not being accurate to the comics. But you know what? I was thoroughly entertained by it, every bit as much as I was the first time I saw Iron Man. Most people I have talked to liked it as well. It is a fun summer flick with good action, hot stars, a simple (not poor, there is a difference) plot, and room for an expansive universe. Sure its no Dark Knight, but it also isnt near as bad as all the critics are saying.

Early use of the power of the Green Lantern ring
Getting into the movie, the action was far better than I expected. I loved the use of the Green Lantern's powers and thought that as an origins movie, the things that Hal Jordan chose to make with the ring were clever and used well. The movie relies EXTREMELY heavily on special effects. Overall, I would say the studio did a great job. Ryan Reynolds looks realistic in the CG suit, and the only time I was able to notice clear animation was when he was in flight. The movie really shines when it is in deep space and with all the other Green Lantern species in the universe. The 3D for the movie was also very well done, and I would recommend seeing it in 3D. 

Large Star Wars vibe during some parts of the movie
Yeah, that does look painful
As for the performances, Ryan Reynolds does a great job as the lead Hal Jordan. Also, Mark Strong is a strong, yet mysterious Sinestro. Supposedly this character and Hal Jordan dont get along later in the comic series, so an interesting relationship could be forming there. Peter Sarsgaard is decent as the human villain, and really my only main complaint of the movie. His character's makeup and transformation is somewhat laughable, but I think that that is the effect the movie was going for. But the screams he lets out whenever the painful head transformations are occurring are just plain obnoxious. Unnecessary in my opinion.

And then we get to Blake Lively. Now, she is not the only reason I liked this movie. Had there been no female lead I still would have enjoyed the action scenes and mythology. But seriously. Blake Lively gets my vote for THE most gorgeous woman on the planet. I was completely mesmerized by her every time she was on screen. Her acting was nothing special (they left her character a little under developed), but I'll be damned if you could find one scene where she doesn't look like an angel. 

Yes I know this is not a shot from the movie. Its my blog; I do what I want!

Hence the nickname I have given her: Angel #0

  • Simple, fun story
  • Promising future with a ridiculously expansive universe
  • Blake Lively
  • Most everyone else's performances
  • Fun uses of the Green Lantern power
  • Most of the special effects
  • Did I mention Blake Lively?
  • Hector Hammond's screaming. Seriously, we get it. You have a headache. Take an Aspirin
  • The special effects are noticeably fake during some scenes. 
  • Disappointingly short final battle
  • Some awkward editing
  • The fact that Blake Lively isn't in every scene somehow
Rath's Review Score: 9/10

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