Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Quiet Night Out on the Town...

Recently, it was my friend Rachel's birthday (she was the only one I knew coming to Australia). Even more special was the fact that it was her 21st birthday, something that is very important to celebrate big in the U.S. So how do you go big in Sydney? Well you dress up, go out for a nice dinner, and go clubbing of course!

We started off the night going to the Blackbird Cafe which is located in Darling Harbor. This area is always busy at night, and very pretty:

Darling Harbor at night

Where the Blackbird Cafe is located

Despite the poor service and the complete lack of a computer program which allows for the check to be placed on multiple credit cards (we are in the 21st century...are you kidding me?), the Blackbird Cafe was really fun, and had tons of great food. I personally got the Chicken and Avocado Linguine. Here we are at the Blackbird:

Model Pose #1

Model Pose #2

Birthday Jager Bombs 
Model Pose #3 with Birthday girl, Rachel

Good friends

The large group
After we (aka the birthday girl and myself) were done modeling, we headed to the Argyle which is an extremely cool club down in the historic part of Sydney known as the Rocks. It has a red carpet leading to the doorway, three separate bars, two floors, a floating DJ platform, outdoor patio, and tons and tons of people. I didnt want to take many pictures at the club (nothing screams tourist like taking pictures of a nightclub when you are out to have a good time...), but here are a couple of the entrance.

After a few hours of dancing, drinking, and comedic acts amongst ourselves, it was time to go to another club: Pancakes on the Rocks. On the walk over there though, I was excited to snap this shot of one of the companies that I work for!

Cool huh! But let me tell you that nothing can really beat pancakes and champagne at 2am in the morning. So refreshing after a night of lots of walking and dancing. Dont believe me?

Changed your mind? I thought so. Thats two pancakes with chocolate sauce, walnuts, bananas, and chocolate and vanilla ice cream with a side of sparkling wine. After we all lost ourselves in the deliciousness of our pancakes we headed back home (finally) and I slept in until noon the next day, a personal best for me and a bit on the early side for my brother.

Overall, a very fun night, and great way to celebrate someone's  21st birthday. Definitely a night out in Sydney that I will never forget!

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