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Thursday, August 11, 2011

P. Sherman 42, Wallaby Way, Sydney: Finding Nemo...

Before I get into to my blog about the aquarium, let me just start off by introducing you to my childhood. Legos. This man that I am standing next to


is made entirely of Legos. And there were several other characters throughout the aquarium made out of Legos as well (though many of them were not as impressive as this guy). Lets just say that if my job was to put these things together, I would have my dream job. I cant imagine how accomplished the team that built this God of Brick feels. Kudos to them and their ability to still play with Legos. Because if I had to pick the #1 thing that I miss about my childhood, it would easily, without a doubt, be Legos.

Allrighty, now that I have reminisced, time to get into the aquarium. Here are some photos to get you excited:

*Disclaimer: If you have not seen Finding Nemo, please disregard all the film references*

The aquarium was such a cool place. I know that is a very cliche thing to say, but it was definitely the best animal-based attraction that I have ever been to. It was just so amazing to see all of these moving, colorful creatures that usually you only see in pictures. And the best part was that there were numerous examples of each. Unlike many aquariums where there are just two sharks in a tank, this one had twenty-two sharks in a with other fish...and rays. It was like being in the ocean.

In addition to sharks and rays, there were tons of other creatures and sea features (hey that rhymed) to observe. There was a ton of different coral, including neon and glow-in-the-dark, sea grass, sea cucumbers, starfish, sea weed, etc. They also had eels, sea snakes (so freaking cool!), octopus, jellyfish, bright fish, disguised fish, so-cute-I-bought-one penguins, and a dugong! But honestly words dont do it justice, so here are some more pictures!

Sea Dragon

Can you find Nemo?

Nemo! (in the center)

And for some further enjoyment, here are some videos that I took! Enjoy! If you want to see more videos and pictures of the aquarium and other Australia activities, go to my Facebook! Also, there have been several new posts in the last week so check those out if you havent! Just keep swimming!

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